How Can Colonics Rinse Out Parasites?

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Parasites commonly exist in our bodies, especially the colon, where the dark, warm and moist environment is nourishing. Parasites have adapted for survival, therefore they do not easily jump into a flow of water headed for their destruction. Parasites do not simply rinse out of the body during a colonic, in the same way that grimy dirt does not simply rinse from the kitchen counter with mere water. So, destroy the critters in order that they can be easily escorted to the exit door in the flow of cleansing colonic water.

Water is the most nourishing and cleansing element on earth. We could not survive long without it. Water nourishes and protects our tissues.  Water washes away pathogens, and helps to keep us clean.

In colon hydrotherapy, water is our ally and aid. It carries away waste material, yeasts and parasites that have built up in the bowel, and rinses them away from where they cause distress and disease. But we should not expect that water alone can effectively rinse out all unwanted “dirt” from the body.

When we clean the house, we use soap and sponge to scrub and loosen the dirt. Then we use water to rinse the dirt away. Similarly, when we clean the colon, it is helpful to use scrubbing supplements like fibers, clay and herbs to soften, loosen and break up old debris. Then the water can more effectively flush and remove potentially damaging substances, including parasites, from the lower bowel.

Theresa Shumacher, co-author of Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You, estimates that there are about “300 different types of parasites thriving in America today.” She continues, If waste is noteliminated within 24 hours, it begins a toxic buildup that provides a breeding ground for parasitic infection…a clogged intestine with putrid fecal matter and plenty of sugar provides the ideal environment for parasites to thrive.  It is now common knowledge that the average American adult has between 10-20 pounds of putrefying waste matter lodged in their intestines.”



In my work as a colon therapist, I am continually impressed with the efficacy of calcium bentonite clay in assisting the body to rid itself of pathogenic waste. Parasites included.

In his book, The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky writes:


“While many herbs and homeopathic remedies are suggested for this condition, I believe clay offers one of the finest treatments for all types of parasites…its use will stimulate the gall bladder to increase the flow of bile, according to Raymond Dextreit, a French naturopath. He writes that no parasite can live too long under any bilious condition.” And, “considerable research has shed light on the connection between clay eating and parasites.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition mentions this in a recent article:  “Geophagy can be a source of nutrients.  Its primary way of enhancing nutritional status appears to be, however, to counter dietary toxins and, secondarily, the effects of gastrointestinal parasites” (Johns and Duquette 1991).  Further, numerous citations in a host of other journals collaborate this fact: throughout the globe, people eat clay in response to parasites.”

People have been eating clay all over the globe, in every indigenous society and in every culture. Knishinsky, as well as numerous other health practitioners, including myself, recommend ingesting clay daily. To do this you can drink hydrated clay. It is generally suggested to drink one to two ounces of liquefied clay on an empty stomach. If you’re taking medication, it is recommended to wait 1 – 3 hours before ingesting clay, but since medications vary in time release and content, it is a good idea to check with your physician.

An effective way to get rid of the parasites inside your body is to detoxify with calcium bentonite clay. Many of the clients at Oasis Colonics in Portland, Oregon, use the calcium bentonite clay from the clay mines in Death Valley, California because it is one of the purest and best detoxifying agents in the world. It is a well reputed in restoring the colon’s ability to perform its natural function of eliminating harmful toxins, including parasites and their nasty by-products.

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