Protection from Radiation: Calcium Bentonite Clay

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No matter what we do, no matter how health conscious we’ve become, no matter what precautions are taken, our bodies are radiated daily. It is crucially important to counter this bombardment, to remove this radiation and the resultant damage from our bodies on a daily basis. There is nothing better for this purpose than using quality Calcium Bentonite Clay on a daily basis.

Right now, everyone on earth is bathed in a soup of radioactive energy. With the recent earthquakes in Japan, and the damage done to the nuclear power plants, there has never been a time when it was more important to cleanse our bodies of ever present radiation: alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, muons, neutrinos.

Sitting on a shelf in my colonic studio is a book called, Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure. It is the definitive guide for using and understanding the multiple benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay. It explains how this natural mineral will do more than any other substance (natural or pharmaceutical) to remove radioactive isotopes from our bodies and to assist our bodies in returning to a state of good health. However, all clays are not alike. It is important to know your clays and to find a pure clay.  Visit, and read the article, Criteria for Selecting a Quality Healing Clay.

It’s important to know the truth about radiation so that suitable precaution can be made. It’s equally important to know what beliefs are realistic and which are not.

Radiation is energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, sometimes referred to generically as radio waves. Some radiation is quite harmless and passes through our bodies on a 24 hour a day basis (e.g., radio and TV wave frequencies). Higher spectrum, faster moving, wave frequencies can harm at a cellular level (e.g., x-rays or radioactive metals such as plutonium or uranium).

Ionizing Radiation is the ejection of one or more electrons from an atom or molecule to produce a fragment with a new positive charge (positive ion). The classification of radiation as “ionizing” is essentially a statement that it has enough quantum energy to eject an electron. This is a crucial distinction, since “ionizing radiation” can produce a number of physiological effects, such as those associated with risk of mutation or cancer, which non-ionizing radiation cannot directly produce at any intensity.

Fallout is composed of radioactive particles that are carried into the upper atmosphere by a nuclear explosion or meltdown and that eventually fall back to the earth’s surface.

Doses of can cause temporary hair loss, as well as more significant internal harm, including damage to nerve cells and the cells that line the digestive tract. Severe loss of white blood cells, which are the body’s main defense against infection, makes radiation victims highly vulnerable to disease. Radiation also reduces production of blood platelets, which aid blood clotting, so victims of radiation sickness are also vulnerable to hemorrhaging.

Drinking precautionary maintenance doses of Calcium Bentonite Clay is a wise addition to our health regime. Drink 2 ounces of clay twice daily, and if possible, take 1 Potassium Iodine tablet every morning, and a weekly clay bath.

Radioactive material is formed carrying a positive ionic charge. Calcium Bentonite Clay is a negatively charged ion. Simply put, Calcium Bentonite Clay adsorbs and absorbs, capturing positive charged ions, and you wash them off or pass them through your body. Unlike other clays, only Smectites (Bentonites) can absorb and adsorb and are characterized by its expandable properties.

Radiation is a real health problem. Calcium Bentonite Clay is the real solution. I recommend reading the book Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure for protocols, mixing directions, and to learn more about protecting your family and yourself from our inevitable exposure to radiation.

The information in this blog post is meant to supplement, and not to be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment.  This information should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health-care professional.

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