We hope to inspire you to make healthful choices on your own, so you can lead the most vibrant life possible. Through one-on-one guidance, we'll help you heal on a cellular and emotional level, because we believe all health hinges on the connection between mind and body.


About Us

Oasis Colonics, a Woods Gravity Method Colonics spa located in Southeast Portland, Oregon, provides clients with proactive and holistic services. We stay abreast of cutting edge research and tailor our approach to meet your individual needs. We share proactive ideas to help you enjoy the daily adventure of living in your body, and look forward to working with you.



Woods Gravity Method

Your certified colon therapist will be with you throughout your entire colon therapy session, tuning into your body using abdominal massage and facilitating a gentle, painless, thorough cleansing and release. During this time, our therapists can share information on nutrition and exercise, and answer any questions you have regarding the cleansing and detoxifying colon therapy process.

New to colon therapy? Check out our FAQ page to learn more.

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