Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Marie Escamilla

An avid health and fitness enthusiast, Marie shares how colonics have revolutionized her wellness rituals like never before.

“When I think about my life, I think about my health. It is something that I am constantly working on and trying to improve on a daily basis. Our whole body aligns and works together to bring us optimal healing. It is so important to make sure every aspect of our health is being worked on as we grow—the products we use on our body, the food and medicine we put in our body, the thoughts we put in our head—we are physically, mentally and spiritually connected in every way.”

“I love being on my holistic journey. It always makes me want to know more and learn more. Looking at ways to increase my health and longevity and always doing research on the most natural ways to heal is what led me to the wonderful world of colonics. I have always dealt with stomach issues. Understanding that the gutand is our second brain, I knew I needed to finally focus on this issue so I could heal. Let’s be real here; this isn’t a typical conversation people like to talk about but we are all human and we should focus on all aspects of our health.”

“I am all about opening up with topics that should be talked about; it’s how it gets to people who could really benefit from it. A colonic is a gentle way of cleansing the colon using water to get rid of built up toxins and removing any acumuation of feces. It is clean, it safe and it is effective. The gut is composed of trillions of microorganisms that make up our gut microbiome, which plays a huge role mentally and physically for our health.”

“Getting a colonic has been one of the best decisions I have made on my health journey. It has helped to alleviate bloating, gas, and has made me feel lighter and more in control as well as in tune with my body. When you listen to your body and work hard to give it what it needs, it not only makes you feel better physically but you can finally start to heal mentally because the whole body truly is connected.”

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