“Tara is personable, professional and a ton of fun to talk toShe made me feel comfortable for my very first treatment, and when I got off the table, I was a new person. Highly recommend.”  — Jessica F.

“Oasis Colonics was a haven after trying numerous alternative treatments including colonics at a few clinics. Her skill, longer soothing sessions, digestive education/food type information, and her kindness has transformed my well-being including emotional balance. I am ever so grateful.” — Fran

“She is passionate about the work that she does and offers a wonderful balance of nurturing, professionalism, and knowledge. She continues to inspire and encourage me on my detox journey and I highly recommend her.” — Amanda

“I started colon therapy In July. I have had four treatments now, I am a 43-year-old woman and I have lived with constipation, ISB, gas, extreme stomach issues. I have taken everything under the sun prescribed and over the counter with little to no effect (with my systems). In the past 6 years, I have put on 70lbs of extra weight and over all feel my health just slipping away. Recently I was advised to remove my gallbladder. Before jumping into surgery, I wanted to try a healthier option. That is when I came to Oasis Colonics. I cannot say how glad I am. I have had only four treatments and I have never felt so good. Stomach problem gone! My gallbladder, no pain or discomfort! I feel good, not just good but great. I really cannot believe it myself, how easy was it and no pills or discomfort. The treatment is painless, comfortable and easy enough to do on my lunch hour. I would recommend this treatment to any one regardless of any health issues. This treatment will change your life. You will not believe how good you will feel.” — Deneen

“Oasis Colonics offers an excellent service backed by years of experience. I recently went through a course of three colonics that left my body feeling better able to absorb nutrients and process toxins and daily waste materials. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of colon therapy, and our discussions during the sessions were informative and made me more aware of my diet and exercise routine. I plan to return, next time coupling the sessions with some fasting beforehand.” — Victor

“When I called Oasis Colonics, a calm, uplifting voice answered the many questions I asked. She made me feel comfortable, secure and prepared for my first colon therapy session. I wanted someone that knew what they were doing; experience and comfort were my needs prior to my first visit. I could talk and ask any questions. I suffered from constipation, gas, swollen knees and ankles and unwanted weight gain. 10 colon therapy sessions later It’s easier to move, I have more energy, my swelling is down, and I weigh less. I am more active, walk more and able to bend and get up easier. I do 'on call care', so how can I assist others if I am not in good shape or not feeling well? I look forward to continued colon therapy sessions, and to my continued progress.” — Kaia


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